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OpenDXM GlobalX awarded the Industry Prize 2020

By Udo Hering

Our OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform has once again received the industry award from the Initiative Mittelstand. In addition to specific improvements such as the intuitive web interface or block chain integration, the jurors particularly praised the innovative capacity of the software, which can now also be used as a service from a highly secure cloud infrastructure.

OpenDXM GlobalX, the world’s leading data exchange platform, has once again been awarded this year’s Industriepreis (Industry Arward) by the “Innitiative Mittelstand” as one of the best products of the year. We owe this award primarily to the fact that we are constantly setting new standards in terms of innovation in the further development of our software. By integrating block chain technology, for example, we have set the course for the use of the solution in new fields of application in which, in addition to secure exchange, the integrity of the exchanged data and its controlled use for the intended purpose must be guaranteed. 

We have also made the software cloud-enabled so that it can be used as a service from the cloud without any installation or operating costs. A key prerequisite for cloud deployment was the new, web-based interface, which makes the data exchange platform much easier to use, not only for users but also for administrators.

All these factors were taken into account in the evaluation for the Industry Prize, which is awarded annually by the Huber Verlag für Neue Medien. It recognizes the economic, ecological, technological and social benefits of innovative industrial products in various categories. Among others, IT & software solutions that contribute to the simplification and automation of processes and workflows in industrial companies are also honored. The products and solutions are evaluated by an independent jury of experts consisting of professors, scientists, industry representatives and trade journalists. The prizes are usually awarded during the Hanover Fair Industry, but this year had to be handed out online due to COVID-19.