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OpenDXM GlobalX 9.1 with easy-to-use administration
and optimized performance

By Udo Hering

One year after introducing the new user interface, PROSTEP launches version 9.1 of its leading global data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX. It now also increases ease of use for system administrators. Other major innovations include support for the Microsoft SQL Server database and improved data transfer performance thanks to additional configuration options.

The amount of data that needs to be moved during data exchange is constantly growing, as are the distances the data travels. PROSTEP has therefore placed great emphasis on improving performance in the further development of OpenDXM GlobalX. For users who are already working with the new interface, the system administrator can now set transfer-relevant parameters such as block size, parallel transfers, etc. individually and save them with their access configuration. This enables them to achieve the best possible transfer rates.

In addition, the transfer routes can be optimized by providing and accessing the files via so-called Remote FileVaults, which enables additional performance increases. Users are assigned a preferred FileVault that is installed as close as possible to their location and to which their data is uploaded or made available. The synchronization between the FileVaults takes place in the background, so that the recipients are always provided with the current data via the shortest route. This mechanism, which required changes to the data model, is of particular interest to customers who want to use OpenDXM GlobalX in a cloud infrastructure.

As of version 9.1, it is possible to use Microsoft SQL Server as an alternative to the Oracle database. This has the advantage, for example, that no additional Oracle licenses are required when using the data exchange platform in the MS Azure cloud infrastructure.

The ease of use for system administrators has also improved. They can now perform daily tasks such as the creation of user accounts and web spaces or the administration of groups with the comfortably designed web interface. User administration has also become much more convenient thanks to the fundamentally revised user concept for rights management. The administration functions are to be further completed in version 9.2 in order to be able to provide the entire administration under the new web interface in the future.

OpenDXM Global is synonymous with security in data exchange. That is why we did not neglect the security aspects when developing the new features and had a certified service provider perform intensive penetration tests to secure the software again. Since most customers have already switched to version 9.0, we will end technical support for OpenDXM GlobalX 8.3 and all older versions with the delivery of version 9.1 from June 2020.