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PROSTEP and DSC integrate OpenDXM GlobalX and SAP ECTR

By Udo Hering

DSC Software AG and PROSTEP AG have developed an OpenDXM GlobalX SAP ECTR integration with the aim of making data exchange as easy, secure and flexible as possible for development partners, joint ventures and suppliers. It makes it possible to exchange native CAD data, drawings and other documents directly from the SAP ECTR user interface via PROSTEP's managed file transfer solution.

The SAP Engineering Control Center (SAP ECTR) developed by DSC is the standard integration platform for SAP authoring tools. The basic idea behind SAP ECTR is the use of a single system to manage and control all the relevant data, documents and processes throughout the product lifecycle. This creates a central repository for product data that is consistent throughout the enterprise from Development to Logistics and Manufacturing through to Service. SAP ECTR is therefore an ideal collaboration platform – a collaboration platform that has now been made even more attractive to development partners, joint ventures and suppliers thanks to the new OpenDXM GlobalX SAP ECTR integration. 

The web-based data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX from PROSTEP, a PLM consulting and software firm, provides maximum security for managed file transfer (MFT) thanks to multilevel data encryption. It offers users from any department in a company an easy-to-use interface that is fully integrated in their work environment. In addition to web browser interfaces and integration in Microsoft Outlook and Windows Explorer, OpenDXM GlobalX also provides integrations for the PLM systems 3D EXPERIENCE, SAP CAD Desktop, Teamcenter and Windchill – and now also for the SAP ECTR user interface.

If a user wants to initiate a new data exchange process, they can create a folder directly in the SAP ECTR desktop and fill the folder with the desired documents. Selection can be performed quickly and easily via drag-and-drop, using the search function, or by selecting assembly components directly from the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer for example. Once the set of data to be sent has been defined, the data is sent to the OpenDXM GlobalX PDM wizard so that the send request can be completed. The user can now use the wizard to select which contents in the folder are to be shared with which persons. The relevant people are then notified by e-mail that the data has been made available, or the data is delivered to them automatically via OFTP.

OpenDXM GlobalX can even be used to easily exchange extremely large volumes of data involving multiple gigabytes in encrypted form between companies at any time. As far as the user is concerned, exchanging data is as easy as sending an e-mail. The transfer jobs are automatically logged and displayed in the their SAP ECTR desktop.