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Launch of OpenDXM GlobalX 8.3 in the new year

By Daniel Wiegand

PROSTEP will releasing the new version 8.3 of its web-based data exchange solution OpenDXM GlobalX at the beginning of new year. The development team at PROSTEP has implemented more than 50 new functions in the software. One of the key new features is the introduction of Java Web Start technology as an alternative to Java applets.

With the introduction of Java Web Start technology, PROSTEP is taking into account the fact that Java applets are no longer being supported by web browser vendors for security reasons. Java Web Start ensures that OpenDXM GlobalX users can continue to use their web browser to transfer large amounts of data reliably and securely without the need for local installation.

Another key focus of development activities is the introduction of WebSpaces for processing. Unlike other web-based portal solutions, which usually only offer data transfer services, OpenDXM GlobalX also supports processing processes such as data conversion, verification and mapping for example. While this is not really new, the process flows and configuration options for complex data processing processes in the past were limited. 

OpenDXM GlobalX 8.3 is also well prepared to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will go into effect in May 2018. GDPR applies to all companies – including those outside the EU – that process the personal data of EU citizens. The security of personal data within the application as required by the GDPR is guaranteed by means of penetration tests, which are conducted for each new version by an external, vendor-independent company commissioned by PROSTEP. The company involved has been dealing with network and application security for over ten years.

The new version of OpenDXM GlobalX 8.3 will be available to all customers for downloading at the beginning of February 2018.