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MIBA uses PROSTEP's data exchange and conversion service

By Josip Stjepandic

MIBA AG, a strategic partner to the global engine and automotive industry, has decided to use PROSTEP's hosted data exchange and conversion service. Outsourcing data exchange and conversion operations saves the company from having to acquire and maintain OEM-specific CAD environments.

Headquartered in Laakirchen, Austria, MIBA develops and manufactures bearings, friction materials, sintered components and other products for the international engine and automotive industry. The products are installed in motor vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft and power plants from leading OEMs worldwide. MIBA will in the future be using the portal to exchange the CAD models of its products with customers and suppliers and, if necessary, also convert them.

"The combination of secure data exchange and reliable conversion was one of the main reasons why we decided in favor of PROSTEP following a comparison of a number of different providers," explains Martin Strasser, IT Controller & IT Purchasing Manager at MIBA AG.  The company attaches great importance to protecting its intellectual property. 

The flexibility of the solution was also important: one the one hand, it offers the option of setting up exchange connections with and without conversion and, on the other, supports both automated exchange via the Internet and also via OFTP connections, thus ensuring that it can be used globally. At MIBA, it is used throughout the company by all users in Engineering, who regularly exchange data with more than 50 customers and suppliers. offers a real alternative to setting up a multi-CAD environment, especially for automotive suppliers, who work closely with OEMs during development and need to exchange data with them regularly in native formats Using the data exchange and conversion service is not only more cost efficient but also guarantees a consistently high level of data quality.