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OpenDXM GlobalX with integration in SAP ECTR

By Udo Hering

Working together with DSC Software AG, PROSTEP has integrated OpenDXM GlobalX, the world's leading solution for data exchange and managed file transfer (MFT), into the SAP PLM solution Engineering Control Center (ECTR). As a result, developers, purchasers and other users who manage CAx data or Office documents in SAP PLM are now able to access functions for secure data exchange from within their familiar working environments.

SAP ECTR, developed by the Karlsruhe-based company DSC Software AG, is the engineering front-end for product data management in SAP PLM. Working closely with DSC, PROSTEP has developed an optimum integration solution for OpenDXM GlobalX. This is necessary, in particular, for companies that want to make CAD data and other 


product-related documents available for download via the data exchange platform or for automotive companies that need to send these items to data exchange partners via the OFTP protocol. The benefit to users lies in the fact that they can work with all the familiar data selection functions in the SAP ECTR user interface and then simply have to choose the recipient with the appropriate profile in an additional screen that opens when they click on the corresponding button. The data transfer solution takes care of everything else in the background.

This fully automated background processing provides users with another important benefit: Once the job has been launched, they do not have to worry about exporting the data from SAP PLM, the required encryption, correct delivery or the documentation of the data provision process. The error-free execution of the data transfer jobs is logged automatically and users can trace exactly who has received which versions of what data and when. From the enterprise perspective, the integration of OpenDXM GlobalX in SAP ECTR ensures stable, reproducible data exchange processes and helps to guarantee that corporate guidelines for handling sensitive product data are adhered to. The high level of data security ensures reliable intellectual property (IP) protection.