Prostep | Newsletter

Secure data exchange on demand and with no installation effort

By Daniel Wiegand

Companies that do not themselves possess the appropriate infrastructure or the know-how and personnel necessary to operate their own data exchange solution can now use OpenDXM GlobalX free from any installation or operating effort. PROSTEP is making its leading solution for data exchange and managed file transfer (MFT) available to customers as an SaaS (Software as a Service) model in a secure private cloud.

Because relations with partners in the world of distributed product development change dynamically, so too do the data exchange requirements and the volumes of data to be transferred. Due to this unpredictability, many businesses shy away from investments in a professional solution for secure data exchange and prefer to send their product data unencrypted by e-mail. In doing so, they jeopardize their most important asset, namely their IP (intellectual property).

To make intellectual property protection possible even for companies that have only a small number of data exchange partners or that do not want to make the corresponding investments in infrastructure, software and staff, PROSTEP is now offering its OpenDXM GlobalX solution not only as a product for outright purchase but also as an economical SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

The cloud-based data exchange solution offers the same functional scope and same level of data security as an in-house solution. It can be operated directly from the customer's PDM system as well as via Microsoft Outlook, Windows Explorer or a web browser, thereby giving all the company's users an extremely secure, traceable data exchange capability from within their normal working environment. When the software is used as a service via web interfaces, no local installation is required. The only requirement is that if it is to be used in Outlook or Windows Explorer then it is necessary to install so-called plug-ins, an easy task using the Installer or an existing software distribution process. PROSTEP's experts connect the PDM systems to the SaaS solution for the customer.

New user accounts can be set up quickly and easily based on predefined user profiles – either by customers themselves or, if desired, by PROSTEP. A team with many years of experience in the data exchange field ensures the trouble-free operation of the solution, freeing up customers to concentrate on their core activities. In addition to ISO 9001, PROSTEP recently also gained ISO 27001 certification, guaranteeing that the demanding requirements for the operation of an SaaS solution are met.

"The introduction of OpenDXM GlobalX as an SaaS model is the logical continuation of our strategy of making secure data exchange available to the largest possible number of users. In this way, businesses that do not want or are unable to operate this type of solution themselves can now use our solution at attractive conditions," explains Udo Hering, Head of Product Management at PROSTEP.