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Out-of-the-Box Data Integration Between SAP and ENOVIA V6

By Udo Hering

PROSTEP expands its OpenPDM CONNECT family of standard integrations for the simple integration of PLM and ERP systems to include a preconfigured solution linking SAP and ENOVIA V6. The solution package contains all the functions and rules needed for automatic transfer and continuous synchronization of data between the two system environments.

OpenPDM CONNECT SAP/ENOVIA V6 is the latest of PROSTEP's out-of-the-box solutions with a preconfigured range of functions that address customers' demands to be able to integrate two PLM systems or, as in this case, a PLM system and an ERP system with a minimum of fuss. As with the other OpenPDM CONNECT solution packages, the main benefits of the new solution are the speed with which it can be put into operation and the fully automated data transfer in both directions.

Data transfer can be triggered by defined workflows, e.g. controlled by an event, or it can be initiated interactively. As soon as a transfer process has been started, the data is passed from one system to the other according to a defined set of rules and with no further interaction on the part of the user. This ensures that the latest data is provided to different user groups in an entirely consistent manner. Every transfer operation is logged, which makes it transparent for users and administrators at all times.

Defined data mapping ensures that new data, attributes, documents and number ranges are created in the target system in exactly the way that users in a given domain expect. This means that the solution provides out-of-the-box support for important use cases such as automatically creating a material BOM that does not yet exist in SAP on the basis of an engineering BOM from ENOVIA V6, or updating this eBOM after changes have been made to the material BOM in the SAP system.