Prostep | Newsletter

April Showers Bring May Flowers

by Joachim Christ

The time has come: You now see before you the first edition of our redesigned newsletter. We have given the newsletter a makeover to make it easier for you to obtain information about new products and news from our company in the future.

At long last, spring is here. Trees and bushes are blooming and the first leaves are appearing. The leaves of PLM trade journals are, on the other hand, unfortunately becoming sparser. This means that PROSTEP's newsletter has become an important tool for providing customers and interested parties with concise information about new products and the latest news from our company.

We have been publishing our newsletter for 14 years, and the click rates indicate that it is widely read. But we of course want to do more: we want to expand our readership and in the future provide you with information about what we are doing and what is on our mind on a more regular basis. It is intended that the PROSTEP newsletter become and remain “required” reading when it comes to obtaining information about PROSTEP.

What have we changed to achieve this aim? First of all, we redesigned our newsletter. It has a fresh new appearance, it is more readable and more neatly structured but remains nevertheless unmistakably PROSTEP. And we have made it more personalized. Every contribution now carries the name of its author. This gives you the opportunity to respond to the contributions directly and ask questions or make comments should you wish to. You can also now easily forward items that you find interesting directly to other people with the click of a button. Please feel free to make ample use of this option.

In addition to these functions, we have also enhanced the content of our newsletter. In addition to providing information about new products and the latest news from our company, we will in the future also report regularly on major market trends and forward-looking topics such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. We will also use this medium to address topics of current interest and put our cards on the table. Because we want the newsletter to become more colorful and lively.

The newsletter will only be distributed electronically. This will save a lot of trees and in the future will provide us with a new means of making multimedia content available to you, one that we will gradually be expanding. But that is still a bit of a ways off.

The current edition is intended to provide you with a small foretaste and give you an appetite for more. We hope that you like it and look forward to hearing what you have to say.