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PROSTEP sponsors the Formula Student DART Racing Team

By Peter Pfalzgraf

For the first time, PROSTEP is sponsoring the DART Racing Team at TU Darmstadt, which is developing an electric racing car for the international Formula Student university design competition. We are donating a powerful computer to the students so that the team can optimize the properties of aerodynamic components and maximize their strength and resistance to deformation.

The TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V. (DART) is a non-profit association that promotes science, research and education in the field of vehicle construction. Approximately 60 students from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, industrial engineering and other disciplines are actively involved. The team has set itself the goal of designing, manufacturing, rolling out and validating two vehicles within one year and using them to successfully compete in the Electric and Driverless categories of the Formula Student competition. The next races are being held from 28 July to 1 August 2019 at the Red Bull Race Track in Spielberg, Austria, and from 5 to 11 August 2019 at the Hockenheimring race track in Germany.

This year we are sponsoring the team that is developing the current ny2019 electric vehicle. It is already the ninth all-electric vehicle that the students at the TU Darmstadt will be putting on the race track. One of the challenges in the further development is to validate the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle as early as possible in order to achieve a high degree of reliability and good results in the races.

"As a student racing team, we have very limited access to wind tunnels and therefore rely heavily on CFD simulations to test our ideas for aerodynamic components," says Marco Bonneschky, technical team leader Electric for the DART Racing Team. "Pre-processing, simulation and post-processing, however, require enormous computational power if we are to work efficiently in terms of time. We are therefore delighted that PROSTEP is providing us with more power for this purpose."

E-mobility is an important future trend that not only requires new development tools and methods but also users with new skills. Providing support to the team participating in the Electric category of the Formula Student competition provides us with the perfect opportunity to establish contact with highly-skilled young scientists and to see how they master the challenges of e-mobility in a field as exciting as racing technology. We wish the DART Racing Team the greatest of success for the new racing season.